Move better. Feel better. Eliminate pain.

That’s what I help people do without drugs, manipulation, special braces, or surgery. The key word is help.

No one can “make” you feel better.

No one can “make” you perform better as an athlete.

So, if you’re someone who believes your pain or problems are out of your control, and you aren’t willing to shift that mindset, we should agree now to not waste each others time. I do wish you well, but I would be worried.

Until YOU take personal responsibility for your health, you’ll never achieve pure, optimal health.

Now, if you want to feel great, not have pain, or you’re an athlete who wants to elevate your game, you’re in the right place.

I guarantee you progressive results, and – if you’re in pain – very often some immediate pain relief.

Whether you’re in pain or just want to make sure your body is “straight” and primed for living and performing at your best – you’re going to benefit from our work.

I’ve worked with pro and college athletes and teams, senior citizens, business people, mothers, and high school athletes.

My approach is customized for you. The process is proven. You get results.

My 30-years of experience as an athlete, as someone who struggled with the standard medical approach to get rid of an injury (pain), and a constant tester of the body enables you to instantly tap into this for your health benefit.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a world-class athlete or a full-time mom.

I’ve been involved with training a variety of athletes and teams at one time or another. Among others:

  • George Washington University NCAA Sweet-16 men’s basketball team
  • Florida Atlantic University basketball
  • Seton Hall University basketball
  • NBA player Harvey Grant (trained him during a hold out)
  • NFL player and actor Terry Crews (he was once a Redskin)
  • Boxer Andrew Maynard for his only WBC Cruiserweight Title fight

Your goals might be different than theirs, but foundational principles are the same for truly Pure Health.

The Optimal Body Design has not changed. It’s still perfectly designed.

We’ve managed to change our bodies though, and we pay the price for it daily.

Through a combination of poor movement, lack of movement, accidents, and the push button lifestyle – our bodies move out of their optimal design.

I’m a specialist (Postural Alignment Specialist) in helping people live pain free, and get their body moving the way it was always designed to move. And moving means lifting, jumping, running, walking, crawling, throwing, bending, digging, and doing everything we’re designed to do – and do it pain free.

And the sad reality is only a small minority of people really move in the way the body was designed to move. If tickets were handed out for moving violations, the vast majority of the US population would be left penniless.

It’s my mission to help change this.

When we work together, I focus on you. After a thorough diagnosis of your current state, I design a custom treatment and training plan that will get you moving and feeling great. This custom plan is unique to you and combines specific stretches, corrective movements, and strengthening exercises that literally move your body out of pain.

Equally important, after you see us, you will automatically move in a stronger, more functional way. This means you’re going to enjoy the benefits in every thing you do.

And if you’re an athlete, you’re body will soon operate in a way that helps keep you injury free, and more explosive than ever before.

That means more wins!

(For athletes, we have a Functional Explosive Workout that will blow your mind. But your body has to be ready first. Contact us for more information.)

A little back story (for those who like to read a bit more)…

I’ve always played sports – from our neighbor’s backyard where I first became competitive in soccer to football games at recess in elementary school. But more than any other sport it was soccer. Our club team was one of the top 5 teams in the entire country for several years. I’m the second one over from the left on the front row.

Then in sixth grade, I was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter’s disease. This is a condition that occurs more often in boys 9-16 during rapid growth periods. With significant rest or limited sports, it’s usually containable.

But with my soccer team going full tilt 7-days a week basically, I played full tilt until I literally had to hop into the doctor’s office on my right leg. The doctor told me my tendon was almost completely torn, and “Stop hopping on the right leg.”

Now relegated to a splint for a few months in the heat of the summer, I asked a pretty good question for a 6th grader: “What’s the one thing I can control with my health right now?”

I mean I couldn’t train, play sports, or anything.

The answer was “What I eat.

My Mom fed me well, but I still devoured ice cream and sweets even before breakfast some mornings. So I went to one of those ancient places called book stores, and bought a book by Franco Columbo on weightlifting and nutrition – and this opened my mind.

Poor Mom now altered meals just for me. My sweet tooth was knocked down a few pegs. Really since then my friends and family always knew I was the health guy. Road stops to McDonalds never tempted me. At worse, I would get a fish burger to hold me over.

But after taking the splint off, I started to have some lower back pain, and couldn’t figure out why. A chiropractor tried to help. She said my left hip was forward of my right. Makes sense to me now. I was swinging my leg for 6-weeks in that splint.

But the chiropractor could never get the pain to really stop. This would hit me years later like a ton of bricks. It didn’t make sense then. I was frustrated.

The reason the chiropractor couldn’t get the pain to stop is, even with three visits a week, every time I left the office, my hip adjustment wouldn’t stay in place.


This is very important. Remember this: Your bones only move where your muscles move them. Or as Pete Egoscue says, “Bones do what muscles tell them to do.”

Fast forward to college – after years of competitive sports – I was now the field goal kicker for Bowie State University. We went from a 32-game losing streak to the national top 10 in one dramatic year in 1988. I was Rookie-of-the-Year, but already experiencing sharp pain in my right lower back.

Very reputable orthopedic surgeons and another chiropractor could not figure out why I had the pain whenever I kicked. I resorted in 1989 to a cortisone shot in the lower back. It didn’t work. If there was one good thing, my back only hurt when I kicked, and for a short while after practice and games.

But no one could figure out the root cause of the pain – until I started training boxer Andrew Maynard (1988 Olympic gold medalist) in 1991. We met on a sports tv show, and he invited me over to his house that same evening. After talking while out on a late night run, I was suddenly his trainer (strength and conditioning).

Ironically, as my college football team was making its historic run, we appeared on the same sport’s page as Andrew Maynard winning the gold medal. Andrew was on the same team as then rising heavyweight powerhouse Riddick Bowe. And it was after dinner at a hotel one evening that a Korean man, who Bowe’s manager Rock Newman called “Magic Hands,” told me he would take a look at my back.

This “unlicensed” doctor in the U.S. asked me questions no one else ever asked. He didn’t focus on “Where does it hurt?” as much as “Show me exactly what you do when it hurts.” He analyzed my body position and movement.

No one else had ever done this to this degree! Amazing.

Within 15-minutes this “unlicensed” Korean doctor figured out exactly what the problem was and why no one else could stop the pain.

For some reason or another, my left foot (my plant foot as a kicker) had started drifting past the football.

So now when I kicked, I put extreme force on my lower back (especially the sacroiliac joint) to get the ball up and forward. If my foot was even with the ball or my toes even slightly behind the end of the football closest to the field goal, zero pain.

His diagnosis made perfect sense because I had a reference. At the peak of the pain and inflammation, I would drop kick the ball and it never hurt. When he watched where I dropped the ball when drop kicking, the ball was always slightly ahead of my plant foot.

Finally, some years later, I came across Pete Egoscue and his body of work. I poured myself into learning from his teachings and experience in working with Jack Nicklaus (saved him from back surgery), many pro, college, and recreational athletes and everyday people in pain.

The way I now trained and lived, and my experience with that Korean doctor really synced perfectly with Pete’s proven treatment methods. So I went even further, and became a certified Egoscue Method Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS).

And really must thank Dr. Eric Goodman (chiropractor of a special breed) for helping to bring full meaning to many of the things I already believed and practiced. His Foundation Training has juiced me with more optimism to help more people.

So I’ve now combined my 30-years of practical, working knowledge of health, motion, nutrition, and training with a very specific set of skills that can get you out of pain naturally and forever.

And for athletes, improve performance and prevent injuries.

It’s innate for me. It’s how I’ve lived. It’s what I’m about.

Pure Health Performance will help you with your goals:

1. Get you out of pain now if pain is a problem for you
2. Keep your body from getting in pain in the first place
3. Dramatically improve your energy, strength, and pure movement
4. Help athletes perform at the highest level and avoid unnecessary injuries (enhance strength and conditioning work)

What could be more important than feeling vibrant, strong, flexible, and healthy every day?

And if you’re a competitive athlete, what could be more important than not just staying healthy, but making sure your body is working optimally for you?

Remember, what you don’t know can and often will hurt you. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow. But if your body is moving in violation of its natural design, then you will pay a price. It’s not if, but when and how much.

My greatest gift would be to help you avoid paying that price. And instead enjoy the full power of your body for as long as you live.